Post Malone Spent $8,000 to Have Popeyes Biscuits Delivered to Coachella

If you break it down, it's kind of a steal.

By Jessie Peterson Apr 18, 2017
(Photo by Randy Shropshire/Getty Images for Universal Music)
(Photo by Randy Shropshire/Getty Images for Universal Music)

Under-appreciated rapper Post Malone celebrated his debut studio album going platinum by ordering 10,000 Popeyes biscuits for friends and festival-goers at Coachella, TMZ first reported. Malone made the purchase through Postmates and it reportedly cost him $8,000. The delivery guy made the trip by filling up the entire trunk of his car with the biscuits. (At least they made it to festival warm?)

Even though he dropped thousands of dollars on the order, the cost per biscuit is actually quite reasonable: 80 cents. Popeyes' competitor KFC sells biscuits individually for $2.50 according to their Postmates listing in Indio, California. What have we learned? Malone is not only an exemplary human being but also a incredible bargain hunter. TMZ managed to snag footage of the delivery.

Malone announced in an interview with Hunger Magazine last month that his follow-up project Beerbongs and Bentleys will be out in June. We’re looking forward to seeing what outrageous order he’ll place to commemorate that record. Hopefully, he’ll include a few dozen chicken boxes in the next go-round.