Kendrick Lamar and Don Cheadle Rap "DNA." at Each Other in Stunning New Video

Schoolboy Q also shows up to knock out the camera.

By Shawn Cooke Apr 18, 2017

Kendrick Lamar has released another one of those drop-everything-this-instant music videos. This time, it's for DAMN.'s "DNA." The clip was directed by Kendrick and David Free (as Nabil and the Little Homies, who were also credited on the video for "HUMBLE."), and it stars Don Cheadle. He's playing a smug investigator type, who interrogates a handcuffed Kendrick and mocks his name (making you realize he has more in common with Ricky Bobby than you think): "Two first names, huh? What the fuck is up with that?" Cheadle sits down, fires up the polygraph, and as the infamous Fox News sample plays, something possesses him. For the rest of the video's first half, Cheadle and Kendrick rap back and forth, with Cheadle lip syncing most of it.

Kung Fu Kenny eventually makes his way outside to his crew, interspersed with stark black-and-white takes, and footage of women joy-riding nearby. At the end of the clip, Schoolboy Q shows up, and slowly approaches the camera as a brand new outro plays. Then, he punches out the camera and it cuts to black. Watch the full video below.