J. Cole Is Just As Fired Up As You Are About Colin Kaepernick's Unemployment

"Don’t you think somebody should risk their whole livelihood and their whole life to talk about this?"

By Shawn Cooke Aug 8, 2017
 (Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images)
(Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images)

Colin Kaepernick has more Super Bowl appearances than all but nine starting quarterbacks in the NFL, yet he still doesn't have a job entering his age-29 season. This isn't normal, given his statistical performance and nonexistent criminal history. Of course, much of the hesitation among owners stems from his silent-but-distracting protests against police officers who kill unarmed black civilians (and this misleading J.D. Power poll, which suggested that Kaepernick was the main reason why NFL viewership declined last year).

It's an outrageous reaction to vacuous, political symbolism—in this case, equating silent protest with disrespecting the troops, the flag, and all things American. J. Cole seems to think so, too, and offered his support for the free agent quarterback during a show at Baltimore's Royal Farms Arena this weekend. The Baltimore Ravens are the most recent team to circle Kaepernick, and Cole explained why he thought the former 49er was a natural fit for the city (via Billboard):

Baltimore, the type of shit that’s happening here, don’t you think somebody should risk their whole livelihood and their whole life to talk about this shit? Even if it cost them their money, their job, their life? Don’t that sound like Colin Kaepernick? Don’t that sound like what he doing? And he trying to come to Baltimore, the city that seems to need that shit for real.

Kaepernick met with Cole at some point over the weekend, and Kaepernick shared photos from their talk on Twitter. "I appreciate you not just talking about helping the people, but actually going out and doing the work," he wrote.

It's unlikely that Kaepernick will be signed before opening day, but the decision, at least for now, rests with Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti. He's reportedly apprehensive about signing Kaepernick, and even went so far as to poll fans on the matter—which begs the question why he didn't conduct a similar survey before retaining Terrell Suggs, a player who was met with aggravated assault charges and domestic violence allegations throughout his career.