Donald Glover Is Working on His Last Album, But He’s Not in Any Rush to Retire

Glover announced in June that he wants to walk away from Childish Gambino after one more record.

By Shawn Cooke Aug 9, 2017
(Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images)
(Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images)

Back in June, Donald Glover announced that he was going to retire the Childish Gambino moniker after one final album, partly because he didn't think the project would be "punk" anymore. "I'll see you for the last Gambino album," he told the crowd at New York's Governors Ball.

Now, it seems like he's scaling back just how soon that early retirement will be. During a recent interview with Clara Amfo on BBC Radio 1, the host dances around what she should call him, since he talked about dropping the Gambino identity. "Yeah, but it's not yet though," he says. "You still have a lot more time to call me that if you want." Later in the interview, he reveals that he's been working on LP4 in London. "I’ve been working on that here," he said. "You guys have been very instrumental in my music. London has been very inspirational."

They eventually touch on all things Glover: the "Redbone" meme, living in London, working on the Han Solo movie, The Lion King remake, and his progress on Atlanta. Earlier this year, Glover revealed that he'd have to bump the second season of his acclaimed FX series to 2018, in order to focus on film projects. He's trying not to rush things, but says it's close to being ready:

I feel like if you rush it, you'll start to get something you don't want and then you start to question why you even liked it. I'm not gonna make anything until it's ready. But to be completely honest, it's almost ready. I'm pretty happy with a lot of the things, and I think it's better than the first season.

Like most of Glover's recent creative ventures, it sounds like the wait should pay off.