Did Spotify Just Accidentally Tease A New Dirty Projectors Song?

In an email to the band's followers, Spotify suggested that "Little Bubble" is on the way.

By Shawn Cooke Dec 17, 2016
(Photo by Skip Bolen/WireImage)
(Photo by Skip Bolen/WireImage)

Earlier today, Spotify might have spilled the title and cover art of a new Dirty Projectors project. Some of the band's followers received an email suggesting that something called "Little Bubble" was now available to stream, despite the title not showing up in the linked playlist or in a search on the platform. It remains unclear if "Little Bubble" is a new single, or the title and artwork for the band's next album.


In September, Dirty Projectors released "Keep Your Name," their first new song since 2012's About to Die EP. Dave Longstreth was the only band member with writing or producing credits on the track. That tidbit, taken with the song's conflicted, detached lyrics, and the subsequent announcement of Amber Coffman's debut solo record (with a lead single called "All to Myself") has fueled speculation that the band might not return with the same lineup from Swing Lo Magellan. After the release of "Keep Your Name," Longstreth was the only member to post about the track on social media.

TrackRecord has reached out to Spotify and Domino Records for comment.