Chief Keef Might Have (Accidentally) Made a Case for Paintball Solving Our Nation's Gun Problem

Keef claims that paintball has helped curb his interest in real guns.

By Shawn Cooke Aug 9, 2017
via Chief Keef's Facebook
via Chief Keef's Facebook

Chief Keef's 2017 has been something of a mixed bag. He released the solid Thot Breaker mixtape in June, but has been mired in legal trouble, including charges earlier this year for drug possession and a felony DUI. So on paper, Keef's a compelling subject for Viceland's series with Dr. Siri Sat Nam Singh, The Therapist.

His episode of the ethically murky but candid show aired last night, and Keef was willing to open up about a wide array of subjects: his legal issues, friends he's lost to gang violence, and his relationship with his father. At one point, Singh asks Keef if there's a way for him to indulge his interest in guns through a more legal means. Keef knows just the fix, and sounds like he's found the equivalent of a tobacco patch for guns. "I took it to paintball," he said. "And I was doing it every day. I took it so serious. I don’t think I'll ever have to have a gun again."

It's hard to believe, but Keef's paintball replacement plan might curb America's gun problem more effectively than any lawmaker or superstore back-to-school display. Although he's unable to run for office, you can check out Keef's full session on The Therapist (and his paintball comments around the 15:30 mark) below.