Chance The Rapper And Childish Gambino Are Teaming Up For Something

Are they "back to work" on a long-rumored collaborative EP?

By Shawn Cooke Jan 3, 2017
Photo via Chance the Rapper's Instagram
Photo via Chance the Rapper's Instagram

Chance the Rapper and Childish Gambino are back in a room together, at the height of their powers. They've teased us with a collaborative EP since 2014, which Chance confirmed still exists in a Reddit AMA last year. In an Instagram post from last night, Chance suggested that their joint effort could finally be getting off the ground. He stands next to Gambino with the caption, "Hawaii then LA, back to work. #roscoeswetsuit." The hashtag references a screenplay that Donald Glover wrote as a companion to 2013's Because the Internet—the record which included the artist's first collaboration, "The Worst Guys."

One might assume that they're wrapping up the long-gestating EP, but now that Glover's one of television's finest auteurs and Chano's starring in a movie later this year, maybe they're working on something for the screen?

Hawaii then LA, back to work. #roscoeswetsuit

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