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In the early part of the twentieth century, songs were distributed via a network of “listening rooms,” which were basically parlors where Americans, still decades away from the first television set, would gather and listen to a broadcast of news, talk, and music from one of the three networks that existed at the time.

Back then, being in quarters full of strangers was the only way you could hear the latest tunes. As access to music became more ubiquitous, communities organized around genres, which helped spur cultural movements organized around common interests. Genres like Disco and House created refuge for LGBT people around the world, Hip-Hop gave a voice to disenfranchised African Americans, and Punk Rock turned the malaise of youth into raw, unflappable, energy.

We at TrackRecord are curious about how music comes to shape our world and how, in a world more connected than ever, the devotion it elicits can serve as a tool for breaking down barriers.

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